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Upcoming Update: Microsoft Copilot AI to Run Locally on PCs, Intel Reveals Requirement of 40 TOPS for Next-Gen AI PCs

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Microsoft Copilot AI to Run Locally on PCs
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Microsoft’s versatile Copilot AI, the tool that helps with everything from writing emails to generating creative images, is breaking free from the cloud.

According to Intel’s interview with Tom’s Hardware, Microsoft Copilot AI to Run Locally on PCs very soon, offering several potential benefits

Local processing could translate to lightning-fast responses without relying on a strong internet connection. This also opens up exciting possibilities for enhanced privacy, as sensitive data might never leave your device.

To power this offline revolution, Intel is developing supercharged chips. Their next-generation Neural Processing Units (NPUs) promise to reach 40 TOPS (trillion operations per second), outpacing current leaders like Apple’s M3. Qualcomm isn’t far behind – their Snapdragon X Elite chip might even take the crown with a rumored potential of 45 TOPS.

Microsoft’s move could signal a broader shift in the AI landscape. As chips become more powerful, we might see more AI tools designed to run locally, enhancing speed, privacy, and accessibility.

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Experience the power of AI assistance firsthand by visiting or downloading the Copilot app.

Stay tuned for updates on when and how you’ll be able to harness the full potential of offline Copilot.

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