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Big News: Microsoft Copilot Offers Free Access to GPT-4 Turbo

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Microsoft Copilot Offers Free Access to GPT-4 Turbo
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In an exciting development, Microsoft has announced that its AI assistant, Copilot, now offers the GPT-4 Turbo model for free.

This update, shared by Microsoft’s advertising and web services CEO Mikhail Parakhin on X, marks a significant shift in how users can access advanced AI capabilities without a subscription.

Copilot, initially launched to integrate AI across Microsoft’s platforms, including Windows 11, Bing, Microsoft 365, and Edge, is enhancing user experience by making this powerful model available to all.

GPT-4 Turbo is a turbocharged version of the AI model developed by OpenAI, boasting capabilities such as handling text-to-speech prompts and accepting up to 128,000 tokens.

This means users can input more text for a richer context and receive better responses. Available in both Creative and Precise modes, GPT-4 Turbo was previously a feature of the Copilot Pro tier, which is priced at $20 per month.

For users eager to test out GPT-4 Turbo, simply switch your Copilot to either Creative or Precise mode.

This adjustment will unlock the advanced features of GPT-4 Turbo, enhancing your AI-assisted tasks without any additional cost.

  • Free Copilot Users: GPT-4 Turbo is now the default for free users in Creative or Precise mode. You don’t need to do anything special.
  • Copilot Pro Users: You have access to GPT-4 Turbo by default. If you prefer, you can toggle to older models in your Copilot settings.

The introduction of GPT-4 Turbo to the free tier might raise questions about Microsoft’s strategy.

The decision aligns with the tech giant’s approach to continually evolve its offerings and ensure that even free users have access to potent tools.

This move could be seen as making way for the upcoming GPT-4.5 Turbo, speculated to be in the works at OpenAI.

Rumors are swirling about the next iteration, GPT-4.5 Turbo, which is expected to outperform GPT-4 Turbo in speed, accuracy, and scalability.

Although OpenAI has not confirmed these developments, accidental leaks suggest that an upgrade is imminent.

If true, Microsoft may soon offer GPT-4.5 Turbo exclusively to Copilot Pro users, maintaining a tiered approach to AI model access.

The availability of GPT-4 Turbo for free users signifies a major advancement in accessible AI.

Whether you’re drafting documents, searching the web, or requiring AI assistance in creative projects, Copilot’s enhanced capabilities are now at your fingertips without the need for a premium subscription.

This democratization of advanced AI tools reflects Microsoft’s commitment to innovation and accessibility, setting a new standard for AI assistance.

In conclusion, Microsoft’s decision to offer GPT-4 Turbo for free is a game-changer in the AI assistant space.

It not only empowers users with advanced tools at no extra cost but also indicates a future where AI capabilities continue to evolve, potentially introducing even more advanced models like GPT-4.5 Turbo.

As the landscape of AI assistance evolves, Microsoft’s Copilot remains at the forefront, offering users cutting-edge technology to streamline their digital lives.

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