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Remaker AI : Swap face in photos and videos online

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Remaker ai face swap free
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Every week, I look for new AI tools. These tools can improve our lives in two ways. They can boost productivity or bring some laughter. I heard a lot about AI face swaps and how people are having fun by changing faces with their friends.

I found a platform called ‘Remaker AI‘ that is a game-changer in AI face swap tool category.

This free face swap ai is most popular these days among youth. Remaker AI can add your face to everyone in a group photo!

This guide will explain how Remaker AI works. Also, it will cover its features. Additionally, it will show you how to create funny face swaps that will make you laugh. If you’re interested in learning how to do ai face swap online free, just stay with me.

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Remaker AI is a free smart ai face swapper tool that uses artificial intelligence for creative image and video manipulation. It can do cool things like turn words into pictures, swap faces in photos & videos, and upscale images.

How does Remaker AI Technology Works:

It’s been trained with lot of facial images and thus, it can recognize small details like eyes, noses, and mouths in the images.

The ai remaker uses its advanced artificial intelligence algorithms to analyze the facial features in photos or videos.

After detecting the face features, the AI algorithm merges the two faces together with smooth realistic transition.

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If you are new to this, I will guide you with each step you take while swapping faces in your photos or videos. First, we will discuss the single face swap photo.

Here’s a step-by-step breakdown of how you can use Remaker AI:

First things first, head over to the Remaker AI website. To get started, you need a free account that allows you to use your Gmail if that’s easier for you.

Once you log in, search for the AI Face Swap tool in your dashboard. Click the face swap button to start swapping faces with ease!

In the dashboard, you’ll see an interface to “Upload Original Image.” This is the image in which you want to change face.

Remaker ai face swap in a photo
image courtesy: Remaker AI

Now, use the “Upload Target Face” field and upload the targeted image by clicking ‘upload swap image‘. This is the face you will paste onto the first image person’s body.

Hit the ‘Swap’ button and let Remaker AI do its thing to face swap for free online! Wait for some time.

Perfectly Face swapped by remaker ai
Image Credit: Remaker AI

Your image is ready. So, this is how you can do a free face swap with Remaker AI. You’ll see a download option right under the photo; just save and share your hilarious creation.

The process until account creation is the same as above. Let’s start by uploading a photo for a multi-face swap:

First, to access the Remaker AI multi-face swap feature, visit this page and make sure you have created an account.

Now upload your group image in the image upload UI of Remaker AI. AI will take some time to analyze the photos. Once done, you will see options to upload the new faces against each detected face from the uploaded image. See Below…

Now, upload new target photo infront of each detected face you want to target.

Hit the “swap” button; it will cost you 4 credits. Let the AI do its magic. Within no time, your multi-face swapped photo will be ready to download. Cheers!

To demonstrate, I swapped faces in this image. You can compare the before and after results here:

To use remaker AI for batch face swap and video face swap, you must purchase their premium plans. This will allow you to easily swap faces in videos.

Remaker AI‘s face swap technology does more than just swap faces. It provides a variety of AI-driven tools to edit and change images in creative ways. Let’s explore what it offers:

Features of remaker ai face swap
Image courtesy: Remaker AI

The centerpiece of Remaker AI is to seamlessly swap faces within static images.

Instead of editing images one by one, you can set up your face swap and apply it to an entire batch of photos.

Remember, you must subscribe to a paid plan to use this feature.

Remaker AI can identify multiple faces within a single image and let you swap them around.

Remaker AI Video Face Swap allows you to replace faces in videos with another person’s face. This can be useful for creating funny or imaginative videos.

I love how it takes my photos and turns them into one-of-a-kind AI portrait artwork.

It has multiple modes, like men, women, pre-made styles, or you can just type your idea. The quality of the output images is not so satisfying with the free plan.

If you have an old photo that’s just too low-quality to use, Remaker AI Image Upscaler will fix that. It makes images sharper and clearer without looking totally fake.

Image upscaled by remaker ai image upscaler
Image courtesy:

You can enlarge your images by 200% or 400%. A new feature called “face restoration” can fix damaged faces in photos.

If you have an image with an unnecessary object, Remaker AI object remover can also fix that.

It can fill in the background like the original object was never there.

Remaker AI has developed a tool that improves cropped photos by either restoring or enlarging the visible areas. Recover lost details from your photos or change compositions for a fresh look.

Image converted from simple Photo to anime
image courtesy:

This tool is designed for anime images and effectively transforms regular photos into colorful anime-style images. Remaker AI allows you to convert photos to anime at no cost.

Remaker AI Video Enhancer is a new feature that uses AI to improve the quality of videos. It can upscale videos to 4K resolution, relive blurry family videos, and enhance social media videos.

Remaker ai video enhancer

Remaker AI recently launched its image-to-video feature. I tested how long it took to make a video from the image.

It took 2 minutes to create a 2-second video. Which became a laughing stock, you can see yourself. They really need to improve on this.

So, these are the features of Remaker AI that you can use right now, and the majority of them are free.

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Remaker AI provides various pricing options based on credits. This allows you to pay for what you use, rather than committing to monthly or yearly subscriptions. Here are the current price options:

  • Free Plan: Receive 30 free credits upon signup.
  • 150 Credits: $2.99/₹248
  • 1100 Credits: $19.99/₹1658
  • 3000 Credits: $49.99/₹4148

Of course, Remaker AI is a fantastic tool, but it’s not the only option out there! Here are some other AI-powered platforms worth exploring: does not require any prior experience with photo editing or complex software. The platform is easy to use, allowing anyone to create funny face swaps with friends, family, and celebrities. is a leading player in the world of AI-powered face-swapping technology. It offers online tools for making realistic face swaps in images and videos.

MioCreate Face Swap is a free, web-based tool that allows you to easily swap faces in photos. This free face swap AI tool is part of MioCreate’s broader suite of AI-powered creative tools. The process is simplified, making it a great option for beginners in face swapping. Offers diverse AI tools, including image generation, face swapping, and text-to-image and image-to-video animations. Provides various AI models for different outputs. You can receive free face swap videos for the first 400 frames and an annual plan priced at Rs 10,000 for 1,20,000 frames.

Artguru is similar to Remaker AI. It has a user-friendly interface. It also has features that let you swap faces in photos and videos. It provides three distinct modes: single-face swap, multiple-face swap, and even video-face swap.

Vidnoz AI Face Swap is an easy-to-use tool that uses smart technology to swap faces in pictures and videos. It makes realistic results fast and keeps your information safe. You can use this tool for fun activities like social media or for more serious tasks like making movies.

Remaker AI is good at art, face swaps, editing, photo enhancing

Super easy to use

Offers a decent range of styles to play with

Good at handling multi face swaps.

Offers free tokens to start with

Wish there were even more image generation styles to choose from.

Face-swapping not so accurate with busy backgrounds.

Occasional slow loading times

The feature to turn existing images into new ones based on prompts can be unreliable.

While being creative, helpful, and sometimes funny, AI face-swapping technology has serious ethical issues.

We must think about how deepfakes can spread fake news and make people trust the media less. Many people use others’ pictures without their permission. AI can reinforce stereotypes and discrimination. Laws are struggling to keep up with these challenges, making it hard to protect those affected.

  • Platform Accountability: Companies should prioritize identifying and labeling deepfakes.
  • Better Detection Tools: Research must focus on identifying deepfakes.
  • Public Awareness: People need to understand deepfakes and how to spot them.
  • Legal Updates: Laws might need changes to deal with the challenges of new technology.

Users love Remaker AI for its easy-to-use interface and powerful tools for editing videos quickly and efficiently. It has good support for mobile users, they can use all the features of remaker ai on mobile too.

Some users say Remaker AI has trouble with certain file formats and performance. Despite some issues, people praise its creative features.

I have been using Remaker AI for a while. I am impressed by its advanced features. These include video face swapping, batch processing, and the new AI video enhancer.

This tool is unlike anything I have ever tried before for free. Remaker AI does an impressive job of merging faces and matching lighting.

However, there were things like image to video, which at this stage doesn’t worth anything and needs heavy improvement.

Remember, use Remaker AI responsibly, just like any image-altering tool. Have fun with it and show your creativity, but always be mindful of its impact.

It’s a tool that lets you swap faces in photos, creating realistic and often humorous results.

You will get 30 free tokens, but there are paid plans for unlimited use. To know more see above or go to the official website.

Remaker AI is known for its ease of use and realistic results. Try it and compare for yourself!

Swap faces with friends, family, pets, or even historical figures.

Get creative and swap faces into popular meme images or create your own!

Always read the privacy policy carefully. Be aware that any website where you upload images carries a degree of risk in terms of how your data is handled.

Yes! Face swapping can be used to create deepfakes, which raises issues of consent, misinformation, and potential harm. Use the technology responsibly.

While Remaker AI includes an object replacement tool, tests revealed its current capabilities are limited and may not consistently deliver the desired results.

This feature aims to expand cropped images, but tests show the results may not always be usable or high quality.

Users can purchase additional credits without a subscription. Credit options include 150 credits for $2.99, 1000 credits for $19.99, and 2500 credits for $49.99.

Disclaimer: AI-Q prioritizes ethical AI use. Face swapping and image manipulation should only be used with the consent of all involved parties. Respect individual privacy and rights when utilizing these features.

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