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Elevanlabs rolls out ai voice isolator to cut background noise

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Elevanlabs ai voice isolator
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ElevenLabs, a company that makes AI voice tech, just released a new free tool called AI Voice Isolator. It helps creators take out background noise and get clear speech from any audio.

This tool is made for fixing audio after it’s already been recorded. You can upload your audio and let the AI models clean it up, get rid of unwanted noise, and give you clear dialogue.

  • Get free access, but there’s a limit on how much you can use – like only 10 minutes of audio a month on the free plan.
  • You can also get rid of background noises like leaf blowers, wind, and car sounds to make speech sound super clear.
  • The goal is to make the speech quality as good as studio recordings.
  • Soon, Elevanlabs open up API access so that developers can use the tech in their own apps.

When you’re making a video, podcast, or interview, background noise can be a problem. It’s like when you hear people chatting, the wind blowing, or a car driving by in the background. You might not hear these noises while you’re recording, but they can mess up the sound in the final product, making it hard to hear the speaker sometimes.

To fix this, a lot of people use mics that block out background noise while recording. These mics work well, but they can be expensive and hard to get for new creators on a budget.

That’s where AI tools like ElevenLabs’ AI Voice Isolator can help out.

Basically, the product does its thing after you’re done filming. All you have to do is upload your content. The system then cleans up any background noise and makes the dialogue sound clear. Platform is super user friendly.

Background noise removal using AI is nothing new, as companies like Adobe podcast and CapCut also offer this feature. However, ElevenLabs‘ Voice Isolator is unique because it’s built right into their platform. This could make things easier for creators who are already using ElevenLabs’ other voice AI tools.

Elevanlabs launched Voice Isolator as part of its mission to make content available in any language and voice using AI. Company is leading the way in developing advanced voice AI and offering cool features through a web app or API to creators, publishers, and more.

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