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If you’ve developed an innovative AI tool, or if there’s one you particularly admire, I welcome you to submit AI tool for a detailed review on my Website Here’s your opportunity to showcase your tool’s unique features and capabilities to a broader audience. Follow these steps to get your tool featured on this site:

How to Submit Your AI Tool:

  1. Complete the Submission Form: Write down all the essential details about your AI tool. Your submission should include comprehensive information, making it easier for us to understand and review your product effectively.
  2. Review and Selection Process: Each submission is carefully reviewed based on my criteria. Please note, submitting your tool does not guarantee a review. I personally select tools that i find innovative, useful, and interesting to my readers.


  • Detailed and Clear Description: Explain what your AI tool does, its key features, and its benefits. The description should be understandable to us which will decide the further review.
  • Provide an SEO-Optimized Article: A well-written, SEO-optimized article about your tool, is Must. Original, high-quality content increases the chances of your tool being featured.
  • Pricing Transparency: If your tool is a paid service, include clear pricing information. I appreciate honesty and transparency in all submissions. Avoid hidden fees or the need for additional inquiries for pricing details.
  • User-Friendly and Accessible: Tools that are practical, easy to use, and appealing to a wide range of users are preferred. Avoid overly technical language and focus on how the tool can benefit the end user.
  • Non-Crypto Policy: I do not review crypto-related tools. Please refrain from submitting such products.

Pricing of Submission

Ready to showcase your AI tool to a diverse audience? For just $19, you can feature your creation on my platform for 1 month on hompage featured section and additionally publish the article/review with no-follow link (additional price for Do-follow backlink at 10$/ 1 year) to gain search visibility, means your tool will be featured on homepage for 1 month and article related to your tool will be until the site lives(Yeah, you heard it Right!).

(Want to get published FOR FREE?):

In exchange for a free listing, we kindly request your support:

Please include a backlink to our website’s homepage. This helps improve our search engine ranking and visibility, ultimately benefiting both our users and your tool’s exposure. For your convenience, we’ve provided a pre-made code snippet you can easily use:

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To provide the best possible experience for our users, we request a concise and informative SEO-optimized article about your AI tool. This article should be at least 1200 words long and should include relevant keywords that users might search for when looking for AI tools like yours.

By following these guidelines, you can secure a free listing for your AI tool in our website, gain valuable exposure to our audience, and contribute to improved search engine ranking for both our platforms.

If you’re interested in this free option, please submit your atleast 1200 SEO-optimized article along with placing the code snippet for backlink on your platform when submitting your ai tool to us. We will publish your tool within 48hrs.

Note: If your tool is paid, sorry, the free option is not for you! You/your tool also fall under our paid lisitng category. Please read our Paid tool submission guidelines above.

Thank You for Your Interest!

I’am excited to explore the innovations in the AI tool space and share insightful reviews with my readers. Your contribution is invaluable in guiding users through the ever-evolving world of AI technology.

Please Send these below mentioned details to this mail to feature your AI tool:

  • Tool Owner Name
  • Tool Name
  • Tool Description
  • Tool Category
  • Tool Link
  • Tool Owner Email
  • Affiliate Registration URL
  • Tool Social Handle
  • Tool Pricing Plans

This above information about your AI Tool is required, not optional.