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PaiGPT : India’s First AI Chatbot for UPSC Aspirants

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PaiGPT : India’s First AI Chatbot for UPSC Aspirants
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PAiGPT, India’s first AI chatbot designed for UPSC aspirants, has recently released its app for Android and iOS platforms, offering a comprehensive solution for exam preparation.

The app has been validated at Old Rajinder Nagar, Delhi, known as the Mecca for UPSC preparations, and has received positive feedback from students and educators.

PAiGPT goes beyond just delivering real-time updates like other AI assistants i.e. perplexity and Gemini. It keeps you in the know about trending topics and lets you test your knowledge with its multiple-choice question feature.

But that’s not all! PAiGPT breaks down language barriers. Upload editorials from any newspaper, and it will summarize them for you, even if they’re in English (with Hindi summaries coming soon!).

PAiGPT is the brainchild of a team with UPSC expertise. Founded in September 2022 by Eshank Agarwal, Addya Rai, Siddharth Singh, and Deepanshu Singh, PAiGPT leverages their knowledge to empower UPSC aspirants. Deepanshu Singh, a former UPSC topper and current chief strategy officer, brings valuable insights from his time as a senior mentor at Unacademy. Siddharth Singh, the CMO, has experience curating UPSC study materials at Adda24/7.

PAiGPT has received positive feedback from both students and educators, streamlining the UPSC exam preparation process. Students enrolled in the Abhyuday scheme, a free coaching program for underprivileged students, have found PAiGPT to be a game-changer.

The platform’s ability to provide real-time practice questions and syllabus-linked multiple-choice questions based on user input has been particularly lauded for its effectiveness.

In conclusion, PAiGPT stands out as a comprehensive and user-friendly platform for UPSC aspirants. Its unique features, including real-time information access, trending topic curation, and question generation, empower students to learn effectively. Founded by a team with UPSC expertise and lauded for its effectiveness by students, PAiGPT is a valuable resource for anyone aiming for competitive exam success.

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