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How to Use Voicify AI: Custom Voice Models, Pricing Details, and More

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How to Use Voicify AI
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Are you surprised upon those fantastic AI music covers on YouTube, where it sounds like your favorite celebrities or beloved cartoon characters are singing hit songs? It’s pretty fascinating, right?

In this article, I’m going to reveal exactly how you can create these captivating AI music covers using voices of famous entities or celebrities like Drake, Narendra Modi, Grande, Wizkid, or even Cartoon characters like SpongeBob With Voicify AI.

Yeah, I am talking about the Voicify AI Tool! I’ll show you how to create these voiceovers using Voicify AI. It’s the perfect tool for making high-quality AI covers effortlessly, and you don’t need any special skills to start.

I’ll guide you through selecting voices and settings to create your own AI music cover. It’s ideal for anyone looking to add a creative twist to their content or simply have fun with music and AI.

We’ll also discuss the ethical use of celebrity voices and character impersonations in AI covers. Voicify AI ensures responsible and creative use, allowing you to explore your musical creativity without boundaries. Get ready to turn your imaginative ideas into reality with Voicify AI!

Voicify AI is a cool platform that lets you turn written words into spoken words, like having a robot read out a story or an article. It’s great for making audiobooks, educational stuff, or just playing around with different voices and languages.

You can even make your own custom voice, like having your favorite celebrity or a fun character speak for you. It’s perfect for adding some extra fun to your projects, whether it’s for school, a YouTube channel, or just for fun.

The best part? Voicify AI is easy to use, so even if you’re new to this kind of tech, you can get the hang of it quickly. They have different plans depending on what you need, from a basic plan that’s good for trying things out, to more advanced options with unlimited features for those who really want to dive deep into creating cool audio stuff. So, if you’re into making your projects sound awesome, Voicify AI can be a great tool to use.

Creating voiceovers with pre-made models in Voicify AI is a straightforward and engaging process. Here’s a simplified guide on how to use these models:

  • Sign Up: First, you need to sign up for Voicify AI. You can do this by visiting their official website. You can do so by using you google account or with creating account using email id.
Sign up for voicify AI
  • Choose a Model: Once you’ve signed up, explore the variety of AI voice models available. You can use the search bar find your favourite one from the given list below of some popular models. These models include voices of famous artists, characters, and public figures. Pick a model that fits your creative vision. You can even train your own Model with your own voice, we will talk about this in next section.
Choose your voice model i.e. Narendra Model

Here are some famous models which are going viral:

  • AI Minecraft Villager Model
  • AI Narendra Model
  • AI Dio Model
  • AI Goku Model
  • AI Hatsune Miku Model
  • AI Ronaldo Model
  • AI Donald Model
  • AI SpongeBob Model
  • AI Sidhu Moose Wala
  • AI Arijit Singh Model
  • AI Taylor Swift

Now, before you go further, it’s important to note that Voicify AI is a paid platform now, earlier it was offering some free credits but now it has become totally premium platform. You’ll definitely need credits to generate AI covers. The pricing starts at ₹399 month, which gives you 25 credits to use.

  • Upload Your Song: After selecting your preferred AI voice model, you will be redirected to next page shown below. You will find 3 options here, Create Conversion, Text-to-Speech and Community. You need to choose one out of them.
    • If you choose create conversion then You can upload a full song or just the acapella part. Voicify AI’s AI will handle the extraction of vocals if needed. Alternatively you can paste the YouTube Video URL if you want. The AI will analyze the song from video, extract it and use it as audio.
    • If you switch to another mode – text-to-speech. Then you have to paste lyrics or text you want to make cover of. Additionally you will have the option to choose Language, Expression and Speed according to your needs.
    • In the third Tab of Community you will find the covers created by the users like you and us.
  • For Example : if I wish to create a new cover for the Song “Believer.” I will go to YouTube, Copy the song URL and paste it into the YouTube URL field on Voicify and submit.
  • Customize Your Music Cover: Now after that upload process is done, You can customize your music cover by adjusting settings like pitch and speed. This step allows you to add your unique touch to the music cover.
  • Download and Share: Once you’re satisfied with the customization, you can download your AI music cover from Voicify AI and share it on various platforms like social media or YouTube.

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Create your custom model with voicify AI

Creating a custom voice model with Voicify AI can be an exciting process, enabling you to personalize your audio projects with unique or your own voiceovers. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you create your custom voice model:

  • Navigate to Custom Voice Models: As we are already in the Voicify AI interface, look for the section “Custom Models.” In the dashboard Menu.
  • Record Your Voice Samples: Now on this next page you need to provide voice samples. These should be clear and in a quiet environment to ensure quality. Ideally, the voice dataset should be 10+ minutes long and in MP3, WAV, or M4A format.
  • But wait, Yeah, you need to buy the pass to create your custom model. Cost starts at 1 Model Pass at $6.99. If you have already have purchased the Creator or Power User plan.
  • Once purchased Follow the prompts on Voicify AI to record your voice. It’s recommended to cover a range of speech variations – different tones, pitches, and speaking styles – to create a versatile voice model.
  • Upload and Configure: Once you’ve recorded your samples, upload them to the platform. Voicify AI will then process these samples to create your custom voice model. You may have options to configure certain aspects of your voice model, like adjusting speech speed or pitch.
  • Training the Model: Voicify AI will use machine learning algorithms to analyze your voice samples and create a model. This process might take some time, so patience is key.
  • Optimize Voice Model Performance: For the best results, ensure your voice samples are diverse and cover different speech patterns. The more varied your samples, the more flexible and realistic your voice model will be.
  • Test and Refine: Once your model is ready, test it by creating some sample audio. Listen to the output and note any areas for improvement. You might need to provide additional voice samples or adjust settings to refine the model.
  • Finalize and Use: After testing and refining, finalize your custom voice model. Now, you can use it to create unique voiceovers for your projects – be it for videos, podcasts, or any other multimedia content or may be just fun!
  • Tips for Optimizing Performance:
    • Record in a noise-free environment to ensure clarity.
    • Speak naturally but clearly, with varied intonation and rhythm.
    • Provide a good amount of samples covering different speaking styles.

Remember, creating a custom voice model might require some trial and error, so don’t hesitate to experiment and refine your model for the best results.

As we wrap up our exploration of Voicify AI, it’s clear that this platform is a game-changer for anyone interested in voice technology. Whether you’re looking to experiment with creating unique AI music covers using famous voices or want to craft a custom voice model for your project, Voicify AI offers a blend of accessibility, quality, and creative freedom.

While it does come with its challenges, such as the need for clear voice samples and subscription costs for advanced features, the potential it unlocks for personalization and innovation in digital audio is immense.

So, whether you’re a budding musician, a content creator, or just a tech enthusiast, Voicify AI presents an exciting opportunity to taste the AI-powered voice technology.

Ready to explore the possibilities of AI-powered voice technology? Go to Voicify AI, Unleash your creativity and see where your voice can take you!

Yes! No one will be able to access your custom voice model if you choose to keep it private!

Your custom voice model will take around 1-6 hours to train.

Yes! All of the models on our community page were trained via our custom model pipeline.

To create AI Narendra Modi covers, you have two options: upload your original vocals or song directly into the provided box, or enter a YouTube link. After completing this step, please accept our Terms of Use and click the ‘ready to convert’ button. Your AI-generated Narendra Modi cover will be prepared in approximately 30 to 60 seconds.

Only 1 credit for 1 Voice Cover.

To create AI Donald Trump covers, simply upload your vocals or song, or provide a YouTube link. After accepting our Terms of Use, hit the ‘convert’ button. Your AI cover will be ready in 30 to 60 seconds.

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